Month: <span>July 2023</span>
Month: July 2023

Qualified Immunity As Gun Control…. Really?

Episode #53

Today on Legalese we are going to be discussing a new article that will be released in an upcoming volume of the Notre Dame Law Review entitled “Qualified Immunity As Gun Control”.
Law professors Guha Krishnamurthi & Peter N. Salib make one of the most evil and admittedly most brilliant calls ever to further a gun control agenda by using the doctrine of qualified immunity.

This video is based on my article of the same name, recently published to Substack:
Even if you have read the article this video may well be worth a watch anyway, as I have elaborated on certain topics first discussed in the article, such as judicial scrutiny.

Supreme Court Solves Racism

Episode #52

Today on Legalese we will be discussing the Supreme Court’s landmark equal protection clause case dealing with the constitutionality of racially biased admissions discrimination policies on both public and private universities.
The case: Students For Fair Admission v Harvard effectively puts an end to affirmative action in college admissions in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in it’s opinion that the affirmative action policies fail the strict scrutiny standard in every regard.

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