Netchoice Case Update: Oral Argument Edition

Netchoice Case Update: Oral Argument Edition Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in NetChoice v. Paxton and Moody v. NetChoice, cases challenging Florida and Texas state laws barring major social media firms from using most types of content moderation, thereby requiring them to host content they disapprove of. The oral …

The Surprising Importance Of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Surprising Importance Of Ketanji Brown Jackson [Original Source: What The Hell Is Progressive Originalism? episode of Legalese Podcast] Should Constitutional Originalists welcome the presence of the Junior Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Court? Many people will probably be left shaking their heads as I answer the question with …


It was 103 years ago this week that the Eighteenth Amendment was ratified which made the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors a criminal offense. One year later its companion statute to enact and enforce the amendment, Volstead Act, went into effect.

Ask any American why only 12 years later the Twenty-first Amendment was passed, nullifying Amendment XVIII – Making it the sole example in the history of our constitutional republic where an amendment was ratified for the sole purpose of un-amending the constitution.

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