Month: <span>May 2022</span>
Month: May 2022

Disarming Gun Control: An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates

Today on Legalese we will be discussing the issue dripping from everyone’s lis across the nation. The balancing act between gun rights and stricter gun control. Gun rights and gun control are not a new topic to this channel, In fact I have assembled a playlist of past videos touching on this subjects quite a few times from quite a few different perspectives (See List Below)
Today’s video will be the first in a two part series looking at the best arguments for current gun control proposals, such as expanded background checks, assault weapons bans, Red flag laws, Discussing if it is indeed too easy for people with sinister motives to get their hands on a gun legally and more.
Where this video will differ from past videos is that while my usual position when it comes to all individual rights, namely that I like my civil liberties the same way I likes my women. Strictly enumerated, vigorously protected and absolute… I will instead be adopting a more middle of the road position.
Because this video is a genuine attempt to write an open letter to gun control advocates and meet them halfway. Which is why this video is premised on my uncritically accepting the assumption that: “If a policy for stricter gun control could be shown to have a demonstrable effect on numbers of gun violence and mass shootings, it would be worth curbing gun rights to implement that policy”
I am doing it this way because I believe most gun control advocates are arguing their positions in good faith, under the belief their proposals will reduce future gun violence and I also believe it can be demonstrably shown these arguments are made off a lack of information that means their proposals would be entirely unhelpful and in some cases, they are arguing for policies that are already in practice and vigorously enforced.

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The Trial Of Aaron Burr

Today on Legalese we will be talking about that one time Thomas Jefferson acted like a true tyrant and Chief Justice John Marshall acted as a true hero in the cause of individual liberty and due process… This is the trial of Aaron Burr… and if you think you know what crime he was being charged with, your may be surprised.
Now it was today, May 22nd in 1807 that Aaron Burr was charged with high treason and would go on trial for his life. This case was of fundamental significance to questions of governmental power and individual rights in America. The case is known as the United States versus Aaron Burr.
The trial of Aaron Burr turned on the vital question, to what extent can the judicial process and to what extent will it protect an individual who is prosecuted by his own government or putting in more plainly who is supreme, the will of the government or the law?

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What Is The True Value Of Freedom of Speech?

Today on Legalese we will be looking at the best and worst arguments for a robust, if not absolute protection of Freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom of association.
Including an examination about how the censorious left and corporate media who are most eaher to impose censorship are actually advocating for policies that wil destroy the very things they say we need censorship to protect.
We also look at what most free speech absolutists get wrong when they advocate for free speech. Neither group tend to understand its true value.
So what is its true value?

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Biden’s Ministry Of Truth – Part One

Today On Legalese We discuss Biden’s new Ministry of Truth. The Disinformation Governance Board. We are going to take a deep dive into what this Executive Agency is for, why it’s being created, who are the people in charge of it and why it is one of the greatest threats to civil liberties since the PATRIOT Act.

Special thanks to “Bull Brand” for creating the “Two Minute Hate” video segment.
Watch the Full Original Video “1984 or 2021?” –
Check out his channel full of great content –

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Should The FCC Block The Purchase Of Twitter?

Today on Legalese we will be discussing some of the fallout over Elon Musk’s purchase purchase of Twitter.
A very powerful NGO and think tank called “The Open Markets Institute” put out a public statement calling on the government to block this sale of Twitter because they are afraid the guy who bought Twitter with the almost singular reason of expanding and protecting freedom of expression somehow poses an existential threat to free expression.
While many of us saw and appreciated his response to the article with a pair of tweets and damning articles about this organization claiming to respect free expression so much they want to make sure they are the only people who may actually exercise that right.

Elon Musk 1st tweet:
Elon Musk 2nd tweet:
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What few are aware of is that the FCC issued its own response to the suggestion they have and should use the power to block the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk. Usually the kind of flimsy argument that departments of the administrative usually love to use to justify power grabs.
Instead we got a couple responses that were every bit as biting as Musk’s tweets were. Rejecting what they called an illegal, unconstitutional, unamerican government restrictions on free expression.

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Supreme Court Opinion Leak: A Court In Crisis

Today on Legalese we will be discussing the consequences of this leaked Supreme Court Opinion in their upcoming case Dobbs v Whole Women’s Health of Jackson.
The leaked draft written by Samuel Alito allegedly shows a majority opinion to essentially overturn Roe.
This leak should not necessarily be taken as the Court’s final opinion. Drafts of decisions like these often make the rounds among the Justices and they often end up getting changed by the time the actual opinion is given to the public. But there is no doubt that this leak shows a Court dealing with potentially its greatest crisis in the history of the Court.
We also discuss some options about who may be responsible and what some of the likely fallout will be.

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18 U.S. Code § 1001 – Statements or entries generally:

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Dr. Truth Science Strikes Back

Today on Legalese we discuss the recent district Court ruling that the CDC’s mask mandate policy exceeded their constitutional and statutory authority. The Biden administration’s failure to seek a stay and the true meaning behind their delay in taking this matter before an appellate court.
We also discuss how the response we have seen to this ruling from the White House, the CDC and most especially, Dr. Fauci, constitute a complete misunderstanding of Constitutional government and the rule of law and demonstrate an outright contempt for federalism and judicial review.

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