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supreme court

Netchoice Case Update: Oral Argument Edition

Netchoice Case Update: Oral Argument Edition Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in NetChoice v. Paxton and Moody v. NetChoice, cases challenging Florida and Texas state laws barring major social media firms from using most types of content moderation, thereby requiring them to host content they disapprove of. The oral …

The Surprising Importance Of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Surprising Importance Of Ketanji Brown Jackson [Original Source: What The Hell Is Progressive Originalism? episode of Legalese Podcast] Should Constitutional Originalists welcome the presence of the Junior Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Court? Many people will probably be left shaking their heads as I answer the question with …

Supreme Court Solves Racism

Episode #52

Today on Legalese we will be discussing the Supreme Court’s landmark equal protection clause case dealing with the constitutionality of racially biased admissions discrimination policies on both public and private universities.
The case: Students For Fair Admission v Harvard effectively puts an end to affirmative action in college admissions in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in it’s opinion that the affirmative action policies fail the strict scrutiny standard in every regard.

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Muhammad Ali: Conscientious Objector

Today on Legalese is the first of two videos covering the Trial of Muhammad Ali
In this part we focus of the history of Conscientious objection in the United States, get a general overview of the events that unfolded over a period of several years as Muhammad Ali fought what could be seen as his toughest fight ever. Fighting for his right not to go and fight in a war based on his religious convictions. We also discuss some parallels between the Vietnam War and the present war in Ukraine.

The Brunson Case – Saving The Constitution By Becoming Its Destroyer

Today on Legalese we are going to be examining the case of Brunson v Adams (Also commonly referred to at Docket 22-380). Raland Brunson is suing 388 members of Congress, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris & Mike Pence seeking to kick them out of office then declare them traitors by judicial fiat and put Trump back in office immediately because he believes the election was stolen.
This case is fascinating for many reason and I want to share those reasons.
Whether you support this case, vehemently oppose it, or have simply never heard of it. Every one has something to gain from listening.

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