conspiracy theory
conspiracy theory

The Brunson Case: Tall Tales Of Treasonous Traitors

Today on Legalese we have the second half of my series on the Brunson case, more properly known as Brunson v Adams & also referred to as Docket: 22-380
On The last episode we looked at the Facts of the case, its judicial history and broke down the contents of a cert petition and his Question Presented. Today we finish going over his cert petition as we read the Statements of the Facts of The Case.
We discuss why this case makes a mockery of Brunson’s stated claims of “Defending the Constitution”…
The Constitution is indeed under attack, but not by Congress (at least not any more than usual) It is under attack by Raland Brunson who seems to believe the only way to save the Constitution is destroy it himself before anyone else gets the chance to.

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