A Right To Your Property, And A Property In Your Rights
A Right To Your Property, And A Property In Your Rights

A Right To Your Property, And A Property In Your Rights

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Episode #44
In this episode of Categorical Imperatives we discuss how it is as a matter of both law and moral philosophy that all rights can be said to be property rights.

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►00:00 Introduction
►07:53 Moral Philosophy
►17:31 Historical Property Rights
►20:23 Property is Paramount
►28:10 Taxation Without Representation
►35:49 Constitutional Protection Of Property
►44:39 ALL RIGHTS Are Property Rights; Asserted & Proved
►52:49 Madison’s Essay “On Property”
►1:01:31 Outro

Categorical Imperatives is a podcast that applies legal theory and moral philosophy to discussions of current events in law, politics & culture.

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