A Truly Disturbing Case Of Social Media Censorship
A Truly Disturbing Case Of Social Media Censorship

A Truly Disturbing Case Of Social Media Censorship

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Episode # 76
Today on Legalese we are going to be covering the upcoming Supreme Court case Murthy v Missouri. This video will be covering the case background, the facts of the case and its procedural history up to and including the preliminary injunction issued by the District Court in this case last year on July 04, 2023 when this case was named “Missouri v Biden”…
The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments this coming Monday, March 18th.
This case, which deals with the government censoring social media through jawboning, the practice of doing indirectly things they are not allowed to do directly by leaning on intermediaries to do their dirty work for them.
In this case, the government has been using threats, coercion and intimidation of social media companies to censor the speech of millions of Americans.
This will be the the first of two videos about this case covering the necessary information for you to be able to follow and understand the case for yourself when it comes before the Court next week.

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