What Is an Assault Weapon – An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates
What Is an Assault Weapon – An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates

What Is an Assault Weapon – An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates

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Episode #36
Today on Categorical Imperatives I want to talk about some common gun control myths and push back on a lot of the misinformation that comes from both politicians and the media and most importantly, from the White House. Joe Biden has a long history of supporting severe gun control laws that are often based on outright lies about non-existent loopholes, imaginary classes of weapons and lies about the functionality of firearms such as the AR-15 and outright dishonest use of terminology such as “military style weapon” or “weapon of war”.
This is an episode I believe will be interesting for those already in gun culture and the 2A community and for those entirely unfamiliar with guns and especially for people who also call for the kind of severe gun control acts that Creepy Uncle Joe favors. If you are someone who supports gun control I would ask you please to take the time to watch this and just keep an open mind. I think you will be surprised at the truth behind a lot of common gun control myths and even if nothing in this video changes you mind about gun control that’s okay, you will leave this video able to better articulate your own position. You have nothing to lose!

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►00:00 Introduction
►02:47 Joe Biden’s Gun Control Position
►08:08 What is an “assault weapon”
►17:45 What is an assault rifle?
►20:22 Weapons of war
►22:55 What is an AR-15
►24:04 Common gun myths
►40:50 Joe Biden’s not-so-common sense gun reform
►01:00:30 Closing

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