Electoral College & The National Popular Vote Movement (Part One)
Electoral College & The National Popular Vote Movement (Part One)

Electoral College & The National Popular Vote Movement (Part One)

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Today on Categorical Imperatives we are going to be looking at the Electoral College.
In this video, Part One of a two part series we will be looking at The electoral College as compared to a system put forward by the National Popular Vote Movement.
In Part Two we will be examining the case law that compromises the Supreme Court’s “One Person, One Vote” doctrine. What people think it means, why they are all wrong, what it actually means and what, if anything is the Constitutional basis to continue putting “one person, one vote into practice.


Why do we use this system to elect the president? Why do some people believe we should have a National Popular Vote and why is the NPV a terrible idea.
We see how the National Popular Vote is a Trojan Horse being offered a “A more fair and Democratic system” when in fact it’s an attempt by the left to swing elections to their side

We will also be examining a number of common Fallacies about the so-called “One Person, One Vote Doctrine”…. Why it is not in any way Constitutional, but is a pointless example of legislating from the bench. It’s also a doctrine most people, conservatives and leftists alike, tend to completely misunderstand and misinterpret.
So we will be examine the Landmark cases that comprise that doctrine and discussing them as a matter of Constitutional law, instead of the usual discussion that comes from tools like Chris Hayes on MSNBC… How they misread and misapply this doctrine in a way not at all consistent the law itself. Instead viewing it with a kind of prevented political redefinition that you find on the right and the left

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