Freelance Is Dead, Long Live Freelance (Edited Version)
Freelance Is Dead, Long Live Freelance (Edited Version)

Freelance Is Dead, Long Live Freelance (Edited Version)

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This video is an edited edition my original podcast episode that was initially published here on April 16, 2024. This is simply a cleaned up version with the profanity and raunchy humor edited out to include as part of a portfolio of my work.

Episode # 83
Today on Legalese we are discussing the the Biden Administration’s new agency rules put into effect by the Department of Labor, meant to be the first step to destroying the ‘gig economy’ on the national level. This reality is one that I have been warning about for the better part of five years, and it finally seems to be coming to fruition.

This move is meant to “regulate” freelance workers and independent contractors, with the government insisting independent contractors are being exploited and must be saved from their own choices.

Really this is nothing more than a move to force millions of people who enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working as an independent contractor to join labor unions as dues paying members.

We will be covering what these new Department of Labor regulations say and do, as well as looking at the various pieces of legislation they are based on to try and understand the real-world effect these regulations will have.

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