Ignorance of the Law: Grannies get bunk-fucked by government
Ignorance of the Law: Grannies get bunk-fucked by government

Ignorance of the Law: Grannies get bunk-fucked by government

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Today we have the latest installment of my series “Ignorance of the Law”. . This where we take come time to highlight stupid, pointless, hypocritical and useless laws passed by the government. To point out that, while the government will be quick to tell you ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law, they clearly consider ignorance IS an excuse when making and enforcing the law.
This episode actually has 3 examples of ignorant laws being ignorantly enforced.
First we look at the foster care system in the State of Maine and their regulations regarding bunk-beds; and we share the story of some sweet old grannie taking care of her grandkids and how Maryland’s laws are bunk-fucking grannie with their rules against foster children sleeping in bunk beds.

Md. Code Regs. – Foster Parent’s Home, Equipment, and Supply Requirements
D. Sleeping and Living Quarters.
(3) Each child shall have adequate bedding and an individual bed which may not be a cot, sofa, sofa bed, double-tiered bed, bunk bed, or any type of portable bed.

Second, we look at a case from Minnesota where the 8th circuit Court of Appeals has granted qualified immunity to a government employee who exercises police powers despite not being a policeman and answer the question:
“what are you supposed to do when a government employee who is not a police officer pulls you over, detains you for hours, and tries to perform a traffic stop, despite having no authority to do so?”

Finally I discuss why certain Halloween costumes just might make any child wearing it a potential felon.

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