Is Our “Democracy” Broken? Federalism & The Senate
Is Our “Democracy” Broken? Federalism & The Senate

Is Our “Democracy” Broken? Federalism & The Senate

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On this episode of Categorical Imperatives we discuss the importance of Federalism as a mainstay of our government’s checks and balances.
Why calls for electoral reform from particular political party every election cycle because they are just sore losers, is more than selfish. Why it is a short-sighted grasp for power that they demand without considering any of the consequences of the changes they propose or the merits of the structure they want to destroy.
We will be going over and article from about why they say they think the Senate should have proportional representation. Why they are no good liars who are really just pushing for a scheme of national government that would do far more than what they claim they want, which is “a better balance of power between the states and the people”. They want to do away with States entirely. replace our legislature with a single national legislature that would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the President’s wishes.
Why this Wilsonian impulse is an eminently dangerous impulse and why we should cherish the Madisonian Republic we have.

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