Judge Says “Second Amendment Doesn’t Exist”
Judge Says “Second Amendment Doesn’t Exist”

Judge Says “Second Amendment Doesn’t Exist”

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Episode # 91
Today on Legalese, we discuss the case of Dexter Taylor.
New York has sentenced a 53-year-old black man with no criminal history to 10 years behind bars for the crime of exercising his constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights.

Dexter Taylor, a software engineer from Brooklyn, was raided by police and arrested in 2022 after Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzales, the man who pledged to lead “the most progressive D.A.’s office in the country,” brought a 37-count indictment against him. The crime? Taylor was using his skills as a machinist to build his own firearms, specifically firearms that Democrats have nicknamed “ghost guns,” or guns built by nontraditional manufacturers.

Taylor’s family has created a GiveSendGo to help with his legal fees as he prepares to fight his case, which could go as high as the Supreme Court.

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