Julian Assange, Freedom Of The Press & The Myth Of Constitutional Rights
Julian Assange, Freedom Of The Press & The Myth Of Constitutional Rights

Julian Assange, Freedom Of The Press & The Myth Of Constitutional Rights

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Episode #57
Today on Categorical Imperatives we will be discussion Julian Assange and Constitutional law. For those not following the legal battle being fought right now in both England and America by their respective government’s solicitors general and the counsel for Assange, we recently learned that the governments main witness in the case brought against Assange for espionage admitted to completely fabricating his allegations. about Assange to the FBI.
I thought I would take the unraveling of the case against Assange & run with it by discussing several ways the government’s other allegations don’t hold up to even a cursory amount of scrutiny.
At it’s core, we have 3 very common misconceptions . The first one being the useless argument about Constitutional rights. To Whom do they apply and what exactly do they protect. But disagreements of that nature are little more than a manufactured distraction from a greater truth. That the belief in Constitutional rights themselves is false. There is no such thing as a Constitutional right.
Second, the idea that the first amendment’s protection of the right to “freedom of the press” is a protection of a profession as opposed to press as technology or a general activity.
And an honorable mention goes to a 3rd myth – That is the idea that to the extent Assange may qualify for press protections in the abstract, it doesn’t matter because his actual publications of specific material amounts to sedition, and sedition is not a protected right of free expression.
I will not be talking about this today because I very recently put out a video and an article called “Sedition: An American Virtue”
Podcast Episode: https://youtu.be/1lmkWCgrWIc
Article: https://libertarianinstitute.org/articles/sedition-an-american-virtue/
There you will find a very comprehensive understanding of why this “sedition isn’t protected speech” is a bullshit argument.

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