No, David Hogg, The Second Amendment Is Not A “Collective Militia Right”
No, David Hogg, The Second Amendment Is Not A “Collective Militia Right”

No, David Hogg, The Second Amendment Is Not A “Collective Militia Right”

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Today’s videos is not your typical podcast episode. It’s a project. In fact its a project I could use your help on. David Hogg, the darling of the anti-gun movement has a habit of trying to shoe-horn his personal opinion that guns are bad into the Second Amendment and into American Law all the time & while he often says he is willing to discuss why he believes that with gun right advocates he doesn’t seem to ever actually do it. I have tried reaching out to him twice in the past year to offer a chance to change my mind about guns and get no reply.
So I am Hoping all of you lovely people out there will take just a moment and head over to David Hogg’s Twitter page and to a specific tweet he recently since that I respond to in this video & I am hoping you will share this video with him and respectfully ask him to find the time to join me here on the Legalese Podcast so we can have a discussion about the second amendment and about the morality of gun control

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