No Place Like Rome (Part Three)
No Place Like Rome (Part Three)

No Place Like Rome (Part Three)

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Today On Categorical Imperatives we complete our exploration of the massive influence the Roman Republic had on our Republic’s Constitution and System of government.
In Part 1 we looked at the way this Roman Republican influence manifested in the Founders individually.
In Part 2 we looked at the Enlightenment era rediscovery and reinterpretation of the Ancient Roman Republic and the resulting political philosophy of classical republicanism and we examine the way it influenced different groups of people during the founding and especially those who wrote and ratified the US Constitution.
In this 3rd and final video we look at the ways that the enlightenment era classical republican tradition differed from the Greco-Roman Republics of antiquity and we examine how those Ancient Republics themselves influence the creation of our constitution, and or mixed government. And we explore the origins of the concepts of virtue and liberty as they were understood at the time of the founding, how they are understood today and how they relate to similar, but distinct concepts in the Ancient Roman philosophy of people like Cicero and Tacitus as the concepts of ‘Virtus’ and ‘Libertas’

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The Failure to Reform: Rome’s Institutions Slide Into Crisis –

Collected works of Greco-Roman philosophers and historians of Classical Republicanism
Thucydides –
Aristotle –
Tacitus –
Plutarch –
Livy –
Cicero –

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