“Nyet Means Nyet!” – Dave DeCamp Discusses Growing Tensions With Russia
“Nyet Means Nyet!” – Dave DeCamp Discusses Growing Tensions With Russia

“Nyet Means Nyet!” – Dave DeCamp Discusses Growing Tensions With Russia

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Episode #79
In this episode I am joined by Dave Decamp, writer and news editor for antiwar.com
With escalating tensions between the United States and Russia over the future of Ukraine it always feels their is vital, but missing, information and context in the official explanations our governments gives and in the way corporate media talks about the subject .
Dave has been following these events and writing about them over the last few months, so I brought him on the show to talk about what is being left out by our government and by the mainstream press in their coverage.
It was a great discussion, and I have no doubt you’ll walk away at the end with a much better understanding of what is actually going on.

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