OSHA Vaccine Mandate – 5th Circuit Stays Injunction
OSHA Vaccine Mandate – 5th Circuit Stays Injunction

OSHA Vaccine Mandate – 5th Circuit Stays Injunction

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Today on Categorical Imperatives we are going to be talking about the Biden Vaccine Mandate in the form of OSHA ETS. The 5th Circuit recently stayed an injunction against the mandate’s implementation until it can be assessed on the merits in the Circuit Court.
We will discuss what the mandate actually purports to do, What the 5th Circuit had to say about the mandate, as well as the reason for their stay until the issue can be properly adjudicated and what comes next in the ultimate plan to get the court to issue a permanent injunction.
We also talk about what the esoteric Circuit Court Lottery is, how it works and what it could mean in this case moving forward.

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