Pence Shrugged – Why Trump Supporters Still Think He Can Win & Why They’re Wrong
Pence Shrugged – Why Trump Supporters Still Think He Can Win & Why They’re Wrong

Pence Shrugged – Why Trump Supporters Still Think He Can Win & Why They’re Wrong

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Episode: #30
Categorical Imperatives.
Today I am going to be looking at a few videos put out by Doug TenNapel. Best known for a comic book that, if you grew up in the 1990’s like I did, was one you were very familiar with. Earthworm Jim. He also does a podcast with the guys from Babylon Bee called Audio Mullet, and he is a Trump supporter.
After my recent videos talking about the Trump Texas election lawsuits, which I got quite a bit of very encouraging feedback on (and I always appreciate when you guys give me feedback on the show!)
I have decided to continue covering these Trump election challenges until he finally gives up, realizes no one but him cares and goes to sulk in palatial style
The new theory being floated by Trump supporters about why they still think he is playing super upside-down underwater 4D chess and that the only reason it looks like he lost the election and is whining like a little bitch is part of his master plan. Because all the things that he tried that we were told were solid, genius, no lose strategies…. that he always lost they always came back with another reason why Trump is doing what he is for some very important super secret reasons and that the fact its looks like he is losing is the surest sign he’s secretly winning. He’s got a genius plan and secret evidence and a few Krakens on standby to release and he is gonna be President again…. so they say.
Rather than what I did with the Texas election lawsuit videos where I just played Monday morning quarterback explaining why what happened was the only possible outcome, I thought I would get ahead of the game on this one and explain in advance why their new super duper secret strategy to have Mike Pence disenfranchise tens of millions of American voters by just refusing to count their votes is not going to work (as though that needs to be be stated.)

Also, as I said in this video, I want to start putting out more videos like this. By which I mean simpler videos covering a topic is a more brief and freeform kind of episode. Rather than the long scripted shows that take me weeks to make. I am gonna keep making those but in between I want to put out more videos like this one and I need your help with ideas. Part of putting out these videos while still working on longer videos is for me to cover topics that don’t require a whole lot of research and a scripts and a huge list of legal citations to the various laws and other various sources that I want to make sure you guys can find when I make longer videos.
At the end of this episode you will hear some basic instructions on how you can help me out by submitting topics, questions or anything else you would want to hear me cover. The more you guys are able to bring me idea of what you would like to see, the more I will be able to put out the new content I want to do and to still be able to work on and release by bigger more epic shows.

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