Prohibition – A Lesson Unlearned
Prohibition – A Lesson Unlearned

Prohibition – A Lesson Unlearned

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102 years ago today, the 18th Amendment was ratified , making alcohol prohibition the law of the land. Only 12 years later did our nation learn the difficult lesson that you cannot legislate morality and passed the 21st Amendment, repealing the 18th amendment. This is the only time in the history of the Republic an amendment has been unamended. Just about every American can explain the reasons for it’s failure & rattle off a fairly accurate list of reasons why the treatment was worse than the disease. But far too many people refuse to see how that valuable lesson is highly applicable today in our decades long “War On Drugs”
So today on Categorical Imperatives we are going to be taking all of those valuable lessons from alcohol prohibition and showing conclusively our War on Drugs is every bit as bad as prohibition, and often much, much worse.
At the end of the show I also discuss the many reasons I am optimistic that this war on drugs is quickly becoming unsustainable. It’s not only that the harm the drug war inflicts is worse than the harm caused by the drugs themselves. But the war on drugs will fail on it’s own terms. This is one place State Legislatures are using the 10th amendment and the “Anti-Commandeering Doctrine” To make the war on drugs more and more unenforceable. It’s about time.
If you want to help by getting involved in various efforts to nullify the federal war on drugs in your own state you should go to the Tenth Amendment Center’s website and download their “State of the Nullification Report”


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