Should The FCC Block The Purchase Of Twitter?
Should The FCC Block The Purchase Of Twitter?

Should The FCC Block The Purchase Of Twitter?

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Today on Legalese we will be discussing some of the fallout over Elon Musk’s purchase purchase of Twitter.
A very powerful NGO and think tank called “The Open Markets Institute” put out a public statement calling on the government to block this sale of Twitter because they are afraid the guy who bought Twitter with the almost singular reason of expanding and protecting freedom of expression somehow poses an existential threat to free expression.
While many of us saw and appreciated his response to the article with a pair of tweets and damning articles about this organization claiming to respect free expression so much they want to make sure they are the only people who may actually exercise that right.

Elon Musk 1st tweet:
Elon Musk 2nd tweet:
Open Markets Details How US Government Can Block Musk Takeover of Twitter –
Simington Comments On Acquisition Of Twitter –
Carr Rejects Call for FCC to Block Musk’s Purchase of Twitter –

What few are aware of is that the FCC issued its own response to the suggestion they have and should use the power to block the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk. Usually the kind of flimsy argument that departments of the administrative usually love to use to justify power grabs.
Instead we got a couple responses that were every bit as biting as Musk’s tweets were. Rejecting what they called an illegal, unconstitutional, unamerican government restrictions on free expression.

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