War In Ukraine – An Interview With Dave DeCamp
War In Ukraine – An Interview With Dave DeCamp

War In Ukraine – An Interview With Dave DeCamp

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Today on Categorical Imperatives I am joined by Dave DeCamp the news editor at antiwar.com
We are discussing the war in Ukraine. What has happened, what will likely come next?
What possible resolutions could bring an end to this conflict and what barriers are being put up by Ukraine and Russia to impede a peaceful resolution.
We also try to discern the motives of major players such as Putin, Bide & Zelinsky.
Also, Dave has some stellar advice on how non-experts in foreign policy like myself and most people can begin to sift through the deafening noise of useless and incorrect information from the political class and corporate media and much more.

You can find Dave’s work over at http://www.antiwar.com

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