Disarming Gun Control: An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates
Disarming Gun Control: An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates

Disarming Gun Control: An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates

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Today on Legalese we will be discussing the issue dripping from everyone’s lis across the nation. The balancing act between gun rights and stricter gun control. Gun rights and gun control are not a new topic to this channel, In fact I have assembled a playlist of past videos touching on this subjects quite a few times from quite a few different perspectives (See List Below)
Today’s video will be the first in a two part series looking at the best arguments for current gun control proposals, such as expanded background checks, assault weapons bans, Red flag laws, Discussing if it is indeed too easy for people with sinister motives to get their hands on a gun legally and more.
Where this video will differ from past videos is that while my usual position when it comes to all individual rights, namely that I like my civil liberties the same way I likes my women. Strictly enumerated, vigorously protected and absolute… I will instead be adopting a more middle of the road position.
Because this video is a genuine attempt to write an open letter to gun control advocates and meet them halfway. Which is why this video is premised on my uncritically accepting the assumption that: “If a policy for stricter gun control could be shown to have a demonstrable effect on numbers of gun violence and mass shootings, it would be worth curbing gun rights to implement that policy”
I am doing it this way because I believe most gun control advocates are arguing their positions in good faith, under the belief their proposals will reduce future gun violence and I also believe it can be demonstrably shown these arguments are made off a lack of information that means their proposals would be entirely unhelpful and in some cases, they are arguing for policies that are already in practice and vigorously enforced.

Past Episodes on Gun Rights & Gun Control – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6NjbXOax5B01cxNekIOVZj-PQzyMY17c

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