The Trial Of Aaron Burr
The Trial Of Aaron Burr

The Trial Of Aaron Burr

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Today on Legalese we will be talking about that one time Thomas Jefferson acted like a true tyrant and Chief Justice John Marshall acted as a true hero in the cause of individual liberty and due process… This is the trial of Aaron Burr… and if you think you know what crime he was being charged with, your may be surprised.
Now it was today, May 22nd in 1807 that Aaron Burr was charged with high treason and would go on trial for his life. This case was of fundamental significance to questions of governmental power and individual rights in America. The case is known as the United States versus Aaron Burr.
The trial of Aaron Burr turned on the vital question, to what extent can the judicial process and to what extent will it protect an individual who is prosecuted by his own government or putting in more plainly who is supreme, the will of the government or the law?

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