Heart Of The Constitution: The Bill Of Rights As A Term Of Art (Part II)
Heart Of The Constitution: The Bill Of Rights As A Term Of Art (Part II)

Heart Of The Constitution: The Bill Of Rights As A Term Of Art (Part II)

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Episode #50
Justice Hugo Black famously said that the bill of rights is the heart of the Constitution.
Contemplating what he meant by that is an interesting question to ponder. But even more compelling is asking the question what exactly is the Bill Of Rights? Because the first 10 amendments to the Constitution were never consistently even considered A bill of rights, and certainly not THE Bill Of Rights. This only occurs around the time Justice Hugo Black said these amendments were the bill of rights and they are the heart of the Constitution, but that was in the mid 20th Century.
This series explores their drafting, their application throughout the country from the earliest days to modern day, it also follows their meaning during history which was something that changed over time as their applications began to be different

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►00:00 Introduction
►02:20 Part 1 Recap
►05:40 III. The New Deal
►07:20 Section III part One: The Master Politician
►13:53 Section III Part Two The Bill Of Right Goes To War
►31:55 IV Judicial Review
►33:24 Section IV Part One The Rough Rider
►38:03 Section IV Part Two The Road To Barnette
►42:38 Section IV Part Three A Fixed Star In The Constitutional Constellation
►47:43 Section IV Part Four The Right To Privacy
►53:09 Section V Conclusion
►59:46 Conclusion

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