Who Reigns Supreme In Britain?
Who Reigns Supreme In Britain?

Who Reigns Supreme In Britain?

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On a recent episode I did about the American conception of Popular Sovereignty I was asked how Sovereignty works in England, and it’s actually a pretty damn interesting question to answer. This gave me a chance to touch on much of my most favorite areas of the study and practice of law: Constitutional law, Common Law & Comparative all mixed in with the fascinating history of power struggle and usurpation that made Britain a nation known for it’s rule by consent and strong sense of English liberty. We discuss English Sovereignty and then give a captive discussion on how it contrasts and compares with American Jurisprudence and even how a concept known as “Parliamentary Sovereignty” and it’s little known role in the earliest causes of the American rebellion that turned into our Revolution from the country whose liberties we loved, then lost, then re-created in our own image.

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