My Discussion With Scott Horton
My Discussion With Scott Horton

My Discussion With Scott Horton

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Today on Categorical Imperatives we are talking to the one and only Scott Horton. Scott is founder of the Libertarian Institute, editorial director of, host of the Scott Horton show and has written several books, including his most recent: “Enough Already – Time to end the war on terror,
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►00:00 Introduction
►04:55 Interview Introduction
►06:00 Mises Caucus
►10:20 Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
►22:10 Defend The Guard
►31:40 Bringing the troops home from Afghanistan
►41:04 Why is Foreign Policy the most important place for people to focus on?
►50:00 Why the free-market isn’t responsible for the “Boom-Bust Cycle”
►51:15 Closing

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