Texas Border Crisis: What Democrats Get Wrong
Texas Border Crisis: What Democrats Get Wrong

Texas Border Crisis: What Democrats Get Wrong

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Episode # 70
There are few issues more partisan and controversial than the immigration issue. And where you find controversial issues, you find all manner of bullshit, half-truths, politically biased reporting and false narratives.

While I am not interested in, nor do I intend to discuss the immigration issue as a policy matter, there is one sense in which I do want to discuss it. That is as a legal matter. Because there is a pending immigration case right now you have probably heard of — Department Of Homeland Security v Texas. As is to be expected, there is no shortage of false narratives and melodramatics surrounding this case on all sides of the issue. So I am going to be taking on some outrageously biased legal arguments regarding this case and it’s subject matter. Breaking through the hard outer shell of lies, to get to the ripe, juicy truth at the center.
This is the second and final installment of this series. In the first video we focused on Republican disinformation regarding the meaning of the Constitution and the powers they claim it grants them in dealing with illegal immigration. Today’s video will be examining the Democrat’s response to Texas actions and claims and it is apparent that twisting the meaning of the law and of the Constitution to suit a partisan political argument is not a trat Republican have a monopoly on.
We find renowned journalist and distinguished legal scholars telling obvious and blatant lies about Governor Greg Abbot and the State of Texas, regarding a recent Supreme Court order relating to the pending case Department of Homeland Security v Texas that’s currently being adjudicated in the Fifth Circuit.

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