The First Amendment On Trial
The First Amendment On Trial

The First Amendment On Trial

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Episode # 71
On Monday February 26th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in two landmark cases dealing with the First Amendment and social media. These cases challenge the constitutionality of two laws passed in Texas and Florida that seek to control how social media sites may moderate their own content.

These laws are obvious affronts to the first amendment.

The cases in question are Moody v Netchoice and Netchoice v Paxton. We briefly covered these cases back in October in my preliminary Supreme Court Roundup video. These are the second set (of three total sets) of cases that will have major consequences for the relationship between social media companies and the first amendment moving forward.

In this video we go over the facts of the case as well as their procedural history so that when they are argued before the court you will have the kind of comprehensive background knowledge of these laws and the cases challenging their constitutionality to understand them and follow their further development.

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