The Great Debate & The Struggle For Ratification Vol. I
The Great Debate & The Struggle For Ratification Vol. I

The Great Debate & The Struggle For Ratification Vol. I

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This video is the first in a series I plan to do from time to time covering the particular issues during the ratification period between September 1787 and July 1788. That topic will be approached with the best, most influential, most commonly held beliefs that divided the Federalists from the Anti-Federalists.
Today we will be looking at A speech given by James Wilson on October 6th in Philadelphia. This speech was transcribed and reprinted immediately in newspapers, pamphlets & broadsides to be disseminated throughout the several States. It was the first great defense of the proposed Constitution. and a direct reply to many of the most contentious issues among anti-federalists. Including the accusation its aim was a new national government and not an expanded federal republic, this consolidated national government would require too much power to be overseen, its terms were far to vague such that no one could find a ground on which to stand against them, The Presidency was monarchy by another name & that there was no Bill of Rights.
Wilson’s speech then was akin to our notion of the Federalist Papers today. That is to say it was the most common and well known argument in favor of ratification. It is undoubtedly the most read and most influential of all Federalists at the time.
Following that I will be reading from articles & speeches that were written or spoken as a direct rebuttal and refutation of James Wilson’s October 6th speech.


►00:00 – 08:32 – Introduction
►08:32 – 21:02 – James Wilson – Everything Which Is Not Given Is Reserved
►21:02 – 33:26 – A Democratic Federalist – What Shelter From Arbitrary Power?
►33:26 – 44:14 – Centinel II – To Avoid The Usual Fate Of Nations
►44:14 – 50:43 Cincinnatus I – How To Defeat A Monstrous Aristocracy?
►50:43 – 58:20 – An Officer Of The Late Continental Army – A Set Of Aspiring Despots Who Make Us Slaves
►58:20 – 1:04:23 – Plain Truth – I Have Answered All Objections
►1:04:23 – 1:10:11 – Cincinnatus V – Sense Where Is Your Guard! Shame Where Is Your Blush!
►1:10:11 – 1:13:16 – Conclusion

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