The Second Amendment Is Going Back To Court
The Second Amendment Is Going Back To Court

The Second Amendment Is Going Back To Court

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The upcoming fall term for the Supreme Court has a number of important cases on the docket, including two very important Second Amendment cases. The first case is New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen. The case will decide whether the Second Amendment right to “bear arms” is an actual right. Or conversely, if law-abiding adults who pass a biometric background check and safety training can be denied a concealed carry permit simply because permitting officials only issue concealed carry permits when they feel that the applicant has a special need.
Oral arguments for this case will be happening on November 3rd. Today I will be laying out the background on this case, we will go into detail about the question presented by the appellant as well as discussing why it is that no matter what the outcome of the case is, it will almost certainly be a true landmark case & is the first new case the court has granted cert on since McDonald v Chicago in 2010.
I will be making a couple more episodes about this case between now and when it is scheduled to start, so make sure you are subscribed to the channel and have that notification bell checked so you can follow along with me as this case progresses.

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