The New Assault Weapon Ban
The New Assault Weapon Ban

The New Assault Weapon Ban

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The House Judiciary Committee has a new assault weapons ban they plan to vote on next week. This new bill makes the 1994 AWB that was in place for a decade look downright libertarian by comparison.
HR 1808 seeks to ban all semi-automatic sporting rifles, semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic shotguns as well as a ban on many types of triggers and silencers. All weapons which are in common use for lawful purposes. While this bill specifically exempts the very “weapons of war” it claims to be aimed at banning. This assault on our natural rights acts with a breadth never before imagined.
In This episode we go through the bill to tell you everything you need to know about this bill.

HR 1808 – Full Text of Legislation –
NYSRPA v Bruen (2022) –
Vanchoff V James Case Docket –
Vanchoff v James (Firearms Policy Coalition Complaint) –

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