Upcoming Appearance On Freedom Hub Podcast
Upcoming Appearance On Freedom Hub Podcast

Upcoming Appearance On Freedom Hub Podcast

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Greetings Everybody

This Thursday November 16th I will be joining Jim Grapek and Charles Frohman for their Freedom Hub Working Group. We will be discussing the Implied Powers Doctrine…

…As well as discussing my book “Constitutional Sleight Of Hand – An Explicit History Of Implied Powers” Available on Amazon or through My Shop at LegalesePodcast.com

Charles and Jim had me on their show last year where I gave a presentation about Classical Republicanism, Anti-Federalists and the Articles of Confederation.

It made for good watching and I had a blast doing it, and you can be part of the fun by joining us for the livestream event and take part in the Q & A session after my prepared remarks.

The best part is that its absolutely free! All you need to do is sign up for the Freedom Hub’s Thursday Zoom Webinar on their subscription page

Please note— Their page has two subscription forms. To join me, make sure you sign up for the Thursday Freedom Hub group. For more information you can head to their Homepage.

Finally, you need not be familiar with my book to enjoy our discussion, but it certainly can’t hurt— picking up a copy may well prove beneficial for you… and it will certainly be beneficial for me.

To help you help me, you can pick up a copy now through Thursday afternoon for 20% off the retail price whether you pick up a copy on Amazon or buy through the My Shop section of my homepage.

Anyone interested in picking up a copy after my appearance can get 10% off on any order by using the promo code ‘FreedomHub’ at checkout (This will only be available for orders from my shop at LegalesePodcast.com)

Use Promo Code: FreedomHub

Cartago Delenda Est

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